from seattle to PA and back!

i had a nice visit back to central pa! i was happy to see family and friends, but weird things happened when i was there. i found string in my spring roll, rosco, my parent’s dog was diagnosed with severe kidney failure and was put to sleep the next day, my cousin who is only 33 was rushed to the hospital because his left side was numb and they though he was having a stroke. tim and krista also bought a truck. tim is very proud of his truck.

i was excited to see my kitty too! she was excited to see me too. i wanted to sneak pudder back to seattle with me!

while in pa i saw my parent’s, krista and tim, spook, my kitty!!!, both sets of grandparents, aunt rita and betty, my uncle duck (quackquack), my aunt cindy and uncle morris, mandy, bryan, nikki berry, lisa, kelly from ASA and tiff, AAAND brugg! i hope i didn’t miss anyone. i was busy though. the little visit really just flew by.

after two long days in a hotel/airport i made it back to seattle! my parents took me to a hotel in harrisburg, pa tuesday afternoon before an ice storm hit central pa. they were worried if i wasn’t already in harrisburg early enough, they wouldn’t be able to drive me to the airport because of the ice. i think it’s a good thing they did because there was actually quite a bit of ice and i really wouldn’t want them driving in it. the hotel i stayed at actually had a shuttle service that drove me to the airport in the morning.

lisa came up from shippensburg tuesday night while i was at the hotel and took me out for indian food! she of course did not eat anything there, but it was oh so good. when i got back to the hotel i watched soo much bad reality tv. i don’t think tv can get much trashier than bret michaels dating 20 women at one time and a family run repo company show.

wednesday is when i flew back to seattle and it was such a long day. i caught an early flight to newark, nj to catch my connection, but then i had about a 5 hour layover until my other flight arrived. it was a long long day. i was soo happy to see seattle as i flew into the airport. i was happy to see eric too! he didn’t have such a great time while i was away. he was sick most of the time and he was housebound.

yesterday we met up with ryan and the kids at mighty o’s for some vegan donuts! oh how i missed the donuts. my phone decided it wanted to die as well. three or four days earlier the screen started to freeze. sometimes i could get the screen to clear and other times i would just have to shut it off and then turn it back on. while at might o the screen froze and i turned it off…turned it back on and the screen was black. hmm. so i shut it off and turned it on again with no luck. i took off the back of the phone to take out the battery to see it that helped and taviri asked,”broken?” oh yes broken! finally the phone started to kind of work again and taviri asked, “fixed?” a little fixed.

taviri was a hoot yesterday! we went over to ryan and jaime’s last night to hang out for a bit. ryan had made some chocolate no-bake cookies. jaime didn’t really want to give one to taviri because they’re not too healthy, but she decided to give him a little piece. he was eating it and then they decided that maybe he shouldn’t eat it so jaime asked for it back and said, “they’re not really good are they?” taviri responded with a, “no,” and gave the cookie back. hehe it was too cute. taviri got his bath and then was running around the living room. he would run to one side and then run back to me and give me a hug. this happened quite a few times. the last time he did this he ran over to me, stopped, pointed at my zippered hoodie and said, “take it off.” he wasn’t asking if i wanted to take it off, he was demanding! i guess he’s starting young. after being a little embarrassed because we giggled at him, he wanted to put together his truck puzzle to show me. it was great to spend my first day back in seattle with eric, ryan, jaime, and the kids.

update on the phone. i took it to the AT&T store, and lucky me it’s under warranty for a year, so a new phone is going to be shipped out to me! and look who i found hiding in the palm tree at our apartment! dun da da dun…dun da da!

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6 thoughts on “from seattle to PA and back!

  1. brugg

    rock of love!!!!

  2. So wait why didn’t lisa eat Indian food?
    And I’m teaching viri to say take it off to you everytime he sees you. It won’t be creepy til he’s 15 or so.

    • lisa doesn’t like good food. she’ll only eat things that are processed beyond recognition, such as hot dogs and mozzarella sticks.

      she was bored in the restaurant so she made a phone call and then walked outside. i ate alone. really…i was the only one in the restaurant. such good indian food though! we should do indian food sometime. or bamboo garden! oh how i could go for some chinese balls!

  3. lisa is nasty.

    and it looks like harrison ford has too many fingers (again).


    It’s good to have you back, Smartz.

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