string roll, NOT a spring roll.

i went for chinese last night with krista and tim. we got the food to go. i ordered the glorious tofu and broccoli and a spring roll. i think they have a new chef at the chinese place i used to go to quite a bit. the tofu was not good. the sauce was pretty bad. the spring roll was squished, but was pretty good. i was about halfway through the spring roll when i felt something kind of hard/chewy in my mouth. i thought it was meat so i pulled out the hard substance. no. it wasn’t meat. it was string. and not a little bit of string, it was about 12 inches of string. i was fairly disgusted as anyone should be after that find, so i spit out the rest of the spring roll in my mouth. and that was about the end of my chinese experience for the evening. yay for chinese in PA!!

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7 thoughts on “string roll, NOT a spring roll.

  1. Make sure you bring a bunch of String Rolls back for me!

  2. PS – are you balancing the plate and napkin w/ string on your leg in that pic? It’s almost magical!

  3. You can tie all the food together in your intestine. What it’s fun!

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