merry christmas seattle.

ryan, eric, was pretty super this year! i hung out with eric all day and then we braved the snowy slushy streets of seattle for a christmas feast at ryan and jaime’s. jaime made all sorts of vegan goodness includes loads of chocolate fun! i made vegan peanut butter cups too!
cupcake bird!
it was a packed house, but it was very nice to actually see people and be able to hang out somewhere other than 90th and aurora for a bit. we were going stir crazy from being stuck inside the past week and a half! ryan and jaime gave taviri some fun toys for christmas. he had a wooden train set that i had the pleasure of playing with as well. and he had these really fun cardboard bricks that he could build walls with. he spent the evening with eric building “dragon houses.” fun!

it was a quiet christmas, but a rather enjoyable one. thank you friends for a wonderful christmas in seattle!

oh! eric gave me this for christmas.
he got me the “little bird with a cupcake on his head” print that i wanted! yay!

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One thought on “merry christmas seattle.

  1. I vote more holidays! Oh and get well Sarah! Making out with homeless people has consequences I tole ya! Get new extreme hobbies!

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