more snow in seattle.

it snowed alll day thursday. it started before we woke up and ended around 5pm. we’ve been house bound for two days now because of the snow. it’s not like we even got that much snow, maybe 4 inches, but the city lacks snow plows. they don’t have a huge fleet of them because they hardly ever need them, but the snow on the roads isn’t melting and it has just turned into ice. i don’t have the best tires on my car and i don’t think it would be a good idea for us to be driving my car in the current conditions, soo we’ve be house bound.

there was a pretty serious accident near I-5 today because of the slick conditions.

here’s part of a news article describing the accident.

SEATTLE – Two charter buses packed with passengers collided while sliding down a slippery hill in Seattle, and one is now hanging precariously over a 30-foot wall beside Interstate 5.

About 60 passengers were aboard the two buses, which crashed through a metal railing and screeched to a stop seconds before toppling onto the freeway below.

The bizarre accident happened at about 12:30 p.m. as the buses nosed down a hill on East Thomas Street approaching Melrose Avenue East on Capitol Hill.

Witnesses said the rear bus was heading down the hill too fast for the slippery conditions, and slammed into the back of the front bus.

Both buses slid across Melrose Avenue, which borders a wall above northbound I-5, and kept going through a metal barrier at the top of the wall.

By the time the first bus stopped, its front end and front wheels were dangling suspended about 30 feet above the freeway

how exciting. the weather since we moved to seattle has been far from what i expected. we really haven’t had that much rain. there have been way more sunny days than rainy days. and we saw mt. rainier 4 days in december. that’s pretty rare. and now we have snow just about every other day. come on seattle! no more snow. take it back to PA.

anyway, here is a photo of mt. rainier from earlier this month. i didn’t take the photo. we weren’t that close to the mountain yet.

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