heavy metal in baghdad.

it’s true. wednesday night i saw a documentary called “heavy metal in baghdad.” it was about acrassicauda, the only heavy metal band in baghdad, and the struggles they faced as a band living in iraq while saddam hussein was in power and during the war.

the documentary took place from 2003-2006. from the documentary, a few websites and their myspace page i discovered that they fled iraq to syria and have now fled to istanbul, turkey. they are also planning on releasing and album in the near future.

i would recommend watching heavy metal in baghdad if you get a chance. make a point to do that. i enjoyed the story of this band and i also liked seeing the footage from iraq. it’s kind of creepy to see the scenes of the destruction in baghdad because of the war, but i thought it was a little more eerie to see the public art that is still standing in the city. but watch the movie!

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2 thoughts on “heavy metal in baghdad.

  1. They’re still together? Oh fun! Turkey is a nice place, I hear. Better than Syria.

    It was a fun doc.

  2. In Saddam’s Iraq, Metal rocks you!
    (Do they have an Iraqi Yakov Smirnoff yet? They need one.)

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