cats and blogs.

i seem to have fallen off of the blog bandwagon. i was keeping up with my blog, but then something happened. i don’t know if it was i felt i didn’t have anything to write or if i just didn’t want to write. it’s snowing again here in seattle. why? why snow?

as i mentioned in my previous post, i like to stalk the neighborhood cats. this isn’t much of a blog entry, but maybe you can have fun looking at my photos.

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7 thoughts on “cats and blogs.

  1. Orange and white kitty is sad.
    what did you do?!

    have you seen black kitty since yesterday when she accidentally visited us?

    • i didn’t do anything to orange and white kitty 😦

      and that wasn’t an accident. black kitty WANTED to visit us.

      everyone has a cat except for me.

  2. You better watch out, the neighbors may think your spying on them if you keep taking pictures of their windows that just so happen to have cats sitting in them. Why dont you get your own cat? Cant you have one in your apt?

    • i would get my own cat, but there’s a $600 security deposit to have a pet in our apartment. :/ rather lame.

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