a fun day in downtown seattle and fremont!

today we went to the urban craft uprising at the seattle center with ryan and the kids. there were over 130 vendors there. there were also quite a few vendors there who i recognized from etsy. that was pretty cool. i saw orange peel enamel, berkley illustration, and cakespy which is just a cute shop! they’re also from seattle! neato!

we didn’t buy anything at the uprising which is a shame. alchemy goods were selling bags made out of recycled bike tire inner tubes that we were investigating. they would’ve made a cute smartz bag, but i was being a penny pincher and passed on the tube bag. they were really fun bags though, so you should check out their website!

after the urban craft uprising, eric and i walked to another section of the seattle center where there was a big toy train setup. it was fun to see. there were two or three trains on the tracks with the little villages surrounding it. i’m excited to see what other christmas and holiday festivities seattle has to offer. we then stopped at bamboo gardens vegetarian chinese restaurant to eat fun things. mmm! that place is too good. everything is vegan there except for the fortune cookies, which have eggs in them for some strange reason. they also don’t use onions in their restaurant. go them!

and what is a weekend in seattle if you don’t go to a record store! so we did just that in fremont. eric browsed records and i went next door to ophelia’s books where i bought the first harry potter book. it had the UK cover which is just fun. i had all of the harry potter books in PA, but i left them there because my mom is also a harry potter fan. so now i’m trying to collect them again! a little calico kitty greeted me at the bookstore. the black kitty i saw there last time i was in the store was sleeping upstairs. i went downstairs to check out some books and calico kitty followed me. so i did what i do best which was pick up the cat. i miss having a cat. poor pudder. we also stopped at a thrift/antique/vintage store before leaving fremont. eric bought some more records there and took pictures of two wooden or metal cowboys. exciting!

today was a good day…crafts, vegan goodness, fremont, and a nap after we came home. oh my!

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2 thoughts on “a fun day in downtown seattle and fremont!

  1. Aaron

    WOW! what a good day!

  2. this looks like a lot of fun!

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