an artist with birds.

i like to tell people about new artists i find. the next artist i’m going to tell you about is someone i found out about a few months ago on etsy is a place where people can buy and sell art, jewelery, or other handmade objects. this artist, kate, makes drawings of little birds in different scenes and with different objects. she sells prints of hand drawings, bird ornaments and other bird-like things. i really really like her stuff. my favorite print of hers is a bird looking at the viewer with a cupcake on his head. this is oh so cute!

here’s the link to her etsy account.

and here’s the link to her blog. she has sketches of her little birds as well as some other animals.

she sells quite a bit of stuff on esty. people seem to enjoy her work in the handmade world. i’m glad there’s a place like etsy where people can share their still and pretty stuff they make with others. i’ve actually done most of my christmas shopping this year on etsy. i feel good that i’m supporting these artists and that i’m getting/receiving a fun piece of art in the process.

here is some of her bird work.

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6 thoughts on “an artist with birds.

  1. Good. I was worried the artistic community was not aware that the bird is the word. I see they are. Excellent.

    • i didn’t realize it until you mentioned it, but it was a very bird is the word day for blog entries at the herc-smartz house.

  2. okay, is it me or does that cupcake head one have eyes that look like breasts?? she needs a bra for them suckers!

  3. Heehee…thanks for posting about my little birds…and now you mention it the eyes totally look like boobs! Isn’t there a type of bird called a booby?!

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