i cleaned my bamboo last night.

true story. the inside of the glass where my bamboo resides was getting a little slimy. i thought last night seemed like a good night to give him a bath, so in the sink he went. i washed his little stems and stones and finally the glass. when i was putting him back in the container i saw the pattern the roots made from resting against the bottom of the glass he was sitting in. fun huh? he is now sitting happily on the kitchen table once again.

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5 thoughts on “i cleaned my bamboo last night.

  1. he needs a bigger container, I think. well, other plants would if they had their roots growing all tight like that but i have never had bamboo before.

    • he might need a bigger container. he’s getting pretty tall though and if i put him in a different container he might just grow out of control. crazy little guy!

      • ya, it would be kinda cool to have a bamboo jungle in your house but, it could limit space i suppose. perhaps he should stay in that container 🙂

      • i wouldn’t mind a bamboo jungle actually. i could have rain forest noises and everything so it feels more like a jungle. and i’m not going to walk, i’ll just swing on vines i hang from the ceiling.

        i’ll work on this.

  2. it reminds me of pasta.

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