space needle, olympic sculpture park and carkeek park!

today was a fun day in seattle! we’ve been here a few weeks but we haven’t really visited the tourist traps or taken that many photos of the city. today was the day that we would do that! our first stop was at the space needle. i love the space needle. it was sunny all day today, which is quite unusual. you could see mt. rainier which is about 75 miles away, and you usually can’t see rainier in november. we even saw mt. baker which we were told is only visible 30 days out of the year from the space needle! lucky us! it was kind of a last minute decision to actually go up the needle, but i’m glad we did. you couldn’t really have asked for a better day. there was no rain at all today, just sun!

right beside the space needle is the experience music project. the architecture was designed by frank gehry, who also designed jay pritzker pavilion at millennium park in chicago. this building is more colorful than most of his pieces. most of them are silver bends and curves, whereas this one had blues, red, and reflective purples and bronzes. it was really pretty. the space needle and gehry right beside each other. oh my!

the next stop was at the olympic sculpture park. it was a decent park with annoying signs telling me to not touch the art. if an artist wants me to touch the work i will. oh i will! there were pieces there by richard serra, calder, and oldenburg. remember that big notebook sculpture we saw in lincoln, nebraska? well that was a piece by oldenburg as well!

after some art was a stop at the elephant car wash. it was actually a drive-by at the elephant car wash. they have a fun revolving pink elephant outside of the car wash. there are photos of him in the gallery at the end of the post.

we came back to the apartment for a bit and then decided to go to carkeek park. this park is right on the sound and there’s a small beach to walk around on. it was chilly on the beach! we hung out there until the sun set. i was also the official salt water taste tester. and it was salt water. there were some ducks bopping over the waves, plastic sharks in the water, and seagulls chewing on things they shouldn’t be chewing on. all in all it was a fun day!

click to see the photos please!

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One thought on “space needle, olympic sculpture park and carkeek park!

  1. Its strange, I was just looking at these same sculptures less than a month ago. Have you located any printshops? Im glad your enjoying the city!!!

    Skippy Woo, G24 and myself miss you.

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