aaaaand i'm off to seattle!

tomorrow morning eric and i will be on our way to seattle! we will be taking a little over a week to get out there and we will be seeing many fun and odd things along the way! i’m quite excited for the trip actually.

last night we packed the cargo and today we drove the cargo van to carlise to pack the shipping container. amazingly enough all of our stuff fit in the pod including a scooter. scoot scoot!!!

i was going to write a longer(ish) post. and i still might do that. it might be a bit sappy. i’ve had a great week visiting with people. hmm, let’s see who i saw…i had lunch with some of my favorite bloomsburg university people, rosemary, and marilee and prof grimsley, there was a surprise visit to brock dent where i realized i was fortunate not to work at the print shop in bloom this summer, i saw the ASA employees that i wanted to. i also informed pat of two printers i found for him for next summer. scott and i had our last heart to heart for awhile when i was at ASA. he’s always supported my idea of getting out of the area and pursuing my career. last night i saw kelly who has been an amazing friend to me. she’s been extremely supportive of me while being understanding of what my parents are going through with the move. i am thankful that i found her. last night i also saw mandy and bryan. i would like to say that i’m very happy they found each other and i’m glad i have the nutter in my life. they are a vital part of my life. last night ended with a quick visit to see lisa at perkin’s. that visit was cut short due to our hectic schedules. lisa is happy for me and very supportive as well. oh! and yesterday i saw bud from ASA while i was driving through norry. he has told me very great stories about his life and has been encouraging me the past few weeks. there were some people who i wish i could have seen, but distance and schedules have prevented that. i thank you as well for the well wishes! it is all appreciated.

i’m going to miss this area, and my friends and family, and my pudder, but i’m ready for a change. i need this right now in my life. thank you to my parents who don’t want me to leave, but support my decision. they have been quite helpful this week. the bonding time spent with my parents this week has made me appreciate what they’ve done for me even more and it was some of the best time actually spent with them. i think it meant more to me since it is the last time i will be able to do such a thing. and finally thank you krista and tim. krista and i have become soo close this summer. we didn’t get along too well when we were little, but it’s wonderful how close we are now. i also got a brother this summer when krista and tim were married. i’m going to miss tim. we spent many hours this summer/fall eating oreos together and drinking tea.

i will miss everyone mentioned in this post, but i will be in touch. i’m only a phone call or email away and i will be back to visit. i’ll see everyone soon!!!

eric and i and the pod!

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One thought on “aaaaand i'm off to seattle!

  1. brugg

    i’m so proud that you are pursuing what you want to do and moving. i know it’s not easy, but you’re doing it, and that’s awesome! i’ll miss you like crazy, but i shall try to save some money so i can get to seattle to see you a.s.a.p. (or maybe i’ll just have to sell my body). either way, i am working on my options, haha.

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