philly ratha yatra 2008. i was there.

oh i attended the philly Ratha Yatra this weekend! this was similar to many Hare Krishna events i have attended the past few weeks in that this was my first Ratha Yatra. yay for me! i went to philly with that nice eric fellow. he was selling his car to a guy near philly so we both drove. vrooom!

i entertained myself on the ride there by watching my mileage. exciting right? no, not really. even hitting 60,000 miles in a chevy cavalier, as exciting as that may seem was not! the drive wasn’t so bad though and soon enough eric was in my passenger seat and we were off to find the Rath cart in the city.

there were plenty of people there for the festival. i think there were less people there than i had expected to be there, but there was a nice turn out for the festival. as everyone started pulling the cart through the street there was singing and dancing and wonderbars and ben franklin and we even saw the guy who gave us free donuts at doughnut planet in nyc this past spring! *steel trap* we helped pull the cart for a bit too!

the festival was fun. this was the most lively festival that i have been to. there was plenty of food for everyone, tents with items for sale, and fun people to see. oh! and i met eric’s friend olivia. she was fun. she reminds me of someone i know, but i have not yet been able to figure out who that is.

i took a bunch of pictures. check them out please!

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