i was in New Vrndavana this weekend!

i was indeed! i made the journey to west virginia this weekend with that nice eric fellow. this was my first time to the lovely area of west virgina and my first time staying at rati and dwija’s house! while we were there we paid a visit to the temple and to the palace of gold. there was a festival on sunday called Radhastami. everything there was lovely. the palace was incredibly beautiful. i have pictures below. see?! oh! and i was in a minor fender bender. no worries! all will be taken care of and paid for by mr. pj.

dwija’s parents were also staying at their house this weekend. they were there for long than just the weekend though since they were visiting from england. the first night in NV we played boggle with avril, dwija’s mom, for over two hours. oh boggle! sunday night dwija made a campfire/bonfire. jim, dwija’s dad was using his camcorder and recording us sitting around the fire which was incredibly cute!

i actually had a wonderful weekend. that area of west virginia is beautiful, rati, dwija, avril, and jim were some of the nicest people i have ever met, and the food this weekend was super as well! yay!

look at my photos!!

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2 thoughts on “i was in New Vrndavana this weekend!

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  2. Chaitanya-Shakti dasi

    I love your pictures! They are beautiful. How fortunate that you got to visit the Palace of Gold in W. Virginia and that beautiful temple. What stunning deities!

    I love all the stained glass. The Palace of Gold really IS a palace! Wow. Breathtaking.

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