close encounter with the norry po po.

oh what a day! i went to bruuuuugg’s graduation party in ringtown today. while i was there i played a bit with her sister’s dog dulce. dulce is only seven months old and is basically a horse. he’s not done growing yet! oh nono. he is also a labradoodle, which is a mix between a labrador and a poodle. i’m not one for dogs, but this guy was ok, and saying labradoodle is just fun.

on my way home from brugg’s i called krista and decided i was going to go grocery shopping with her. instead of turning on the ridge road, i say on route 11 to make my way to the lovely town of northumberland. after i passed the last the last stretch of mountains along 11, i noticed a cop car with his lights on behind me. oh goodie! we know what that means. i was being pulled over.

he got out of the car and asked me how i was doing. i was wonderful and told him just that. i really wasn’t upset that i was pulled over. i figured he caught me for speeding which at this point it’s almost something close to a miracle that i haven’t been pulled over for speeding before. he said he clocked me going 69mph in a 55mph zone. in that area, i was speeding and i know it. i was passing a car and 69mph is where i ended.

he asked me my name. i told him what it was. then he asked me if i traveled this road often. i said not really, which is the truth…i usually just drive on ridge road. he then asked if i was garry’s daughter. you see…lucky for me, my dad is captain of the point township volunteer fire company. since the cop that pulled me over was a point township cop, he knows my dad well enough. he took my driver’s license and went back to his car. when he came back to my car, he said to slow down, and that i know they’re out there trying to catch speeders, and to just be careful. and with that, he let me go with no ticket. i am lucky that he knew my dad, because guaranteed if he didn’t…i’d have a speeding ticket to pay right now. i was lucky and thank you mr. fisher for being a kind cop.

i’ve had two other encounters with cops in my life and both of those times were because the cop had basically nothing else to do. the first time i was hassled was in asbury, nj, where is seems to be strange to be sitting in the back of a vw bus. he let me, well us…eric included, go with a “have a good day,” and he told us that some big sports guy and some political figure owned the houses to the right and left of where we were sitting.

the other time i was pulled over was because i was “swerving.” i must’ve been sooo drunk. you see i don’t drink, and if i did, i wouldn’t be stupid enough to drink and then drive, ok? but i had been in philly that day. it was about 2am, and i was going home from lewisburg. it was a long day and i was tired. i’m not sure if i was swerving or not, but the cop pulled me over to check if i was sober or not i suppose. he told me to just get home safely. thanks for that info. i was going to be as reckless as i could possibly be that night.

huzzah! goodstory for me!

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2 thoughts on “close encounter with the norry po po.

  1. I am very glad to have not been involved in any way in this encounter with the heat.

    • yeah if they would’ve seen you, we’d be sitting in the slammer with your record!

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