ssssss. i'm a snake!

i had a dream where for a printmaking project i was going to coat three black snakes in wax. one of the snakes was going to have babies and then i was to coat them in wax. i started to freak out because from one they were snakes and two i realized that they would scream and hiss when they would be put in the wax. i didn’t want to hurt them even though i hate hate hate snakes. this was all taking place in a wal-mart type store. i remember i was working on a table that looked like the table i use in the back of the printmaking studio. when i t came time for the snakes to have her babies, a towel that was hanging beside the snake cage on a shelf changed colors. nurses there told me that that meant she was ready to have the babies. i began to cry hard and was sobbing around the store. there was a nurse there who was going to give the momma snake medicine for the pain. i was still sobbing and at one point i saw marilee who told me it was my print shop duty to hand clean towels in the print shop because the old ones were dirty. also there for the birth of the snakes was my sister, my parents, an uncle and a cousin, becky, and eric. there was also a guy there who i didn’t know, but he seemed concerned for the snakes. i started crying harder because i thought i’d have to touch the snakes. right before they were born and i thought they were to be waxed, i came to the executive decision that i wanted to release all of the snakes back into the wild. i realized what i was doing was wrong and was probably going to kill the snakes. even though i dislike them, i don’t want to kill them. i don’t know what would ever possess me to want to work with snakes for a printmaking project.

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2 thoughts on “ssssss. i'm a snake!

  1. You better be hand washing them towels. Im gonna even bring in my dirty laundry from home for you to wash. Damn right it is your duty. There lookin pretty bad there smartsy. All I can say is elbow grease. Dirty in the back, dirty in the back (and front).

    Dirty vegans should not use animals in their art work (animal crackers are alright though).

  2. You are such a freak, Sarah.

    You should use worms!


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