oh hey! today i was on route 66 and was in st. louis!

today we left our tiny hotel in joliet and headed on route 66 to st. louis. we saw a bunch of neat things on the way and we went through the hometown of marilee! look at my pictures! in st. louis we saw the arch and a piece by richard serra. we also made it to a sculpture park outside of st. louis. today was kind of an early night for us, but it was a wonderful day on the road…if you minus the rain.

click to see my photos!

eric’s photos.

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3 thoughts on “oh hey! today i was on route 66 and was in st. louis!

  1. That creepy plastic thing you found was a letterbox! I have been contemplating doing a few myself! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letterboxing and http://www.letterboxing.org/ I hope you guys have been having fun on your trip! It looks like you have! I am very jealous..and reading horrible theory right now. Tell me all about it when I see you for a few seconds on friday hahahah

  2. how was my town? I literally lived on Rt 66 as it goes through Normal in the top of an old house. I was disappointed that you did not take any pictures in my home town :(((

    • i’m sorry!! the drive through normal was a quick one. i dont think we stopped in normal at all. it was a fun drive though!

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