southern graphics council. friday.

friday in richmond was amazing. it really was! the sgc events that we wanted to see weren’t taking place until the afternoon so that meant i was free to cause all the chaos i could in richmond. ok, so maybe no chaos from me, but i did get to explore the lovely town a bit more. most of the morning was spent at the harrison street cafe with brugg.p2260002_500.JPG<img src align="right" hspace="5"

in the afternoon we went to see a talk given by kerry james marshall. he was a wonderful speaker. sometimes i think my attention span has something to be desired because i would be listening to him and then my mind would wander. then i would listen…and then i would wander.

while walking around richmond, i saw someone ink fingered this mail box thinger.
p2260040_500.JPG<img src align="right" hspace="5"
ink finger would be the collaborative group of mike and nemi who went with us on the trip. they ink fingered the town apparently.

friday was a not so busy day as i said, so brugg and i went back to the chinese restaurant for more vegan goodness! i thought this place was vegetarian, but little did i know that i was TOTALLY vegan. oh nom!
p2260041_500.JPG<img src align="right" hspace="5"

the rest of the night was spent at galleries and student openings at vcu. we saw the trade prints from the portfolio exchange that we participated in. this was one of my favorite prints, and more can be seen in my gallery. you will find the link at the end of the post.
p2260051_500.JPG<img src align="right" hspace="5"

downtown richmond had a nice little alligator waving at us too!p2260113_500.JPG<img src align="right" hspace="5"

friday was probably my favorite night in richmond. walking around the town and seeing the galleries was a nice way to spend the night. the goofy cat said goodnight to me as we neared the hotel. p2260120_500.JPG<img src align="right" hspace="5"

click here to see the rest of my pictures!

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