southern graphics council. wednesday.

well hey! today was day one of the southern graphics council in richmond, virginia. for those of you who do not know the SGC is the largest printmaking conference in north america.

marilee, brock, becky, nemi, mike and myself are staying in richmond from wednesday to saturday to attend demos, lectures and to see prints. this is also a great time for me to see richmond.

we made the 6 hour journey here by 15-passenger cargo van. p2240247_800.JPG i actually drove the van. go me! it wasn’t soo bad, but i kept crossing the lines on either side of me, sometimes scaring my passengers. when we arrived here we came to the hotel pronto and relaxed for a bit before going to see some openings at night. we ate at a restaurant that was vegetarian and vegan friendly.

we then went to VCU’s campus to check out some prints. click on the photos to see them bi-bi-BIGGER!
happy eye wash station is happy!

brugg and i in front of a conference building.

they gave us these fun bags when we registered!

printmaking jesus is a lush.

click here to see my entire album! the images don’t have captions, but i will fix that for you tonight!

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One thought on “southern graphics council. wednesday.

  1. Damn. Want to be there. I wonder if Richmond is lame. I’ve heard it’s not. We shall see.

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