jersey. spring break 2008.

on friday i went asbury park, nj with eric. there was more to the trip than just asbury park, but the main reason for going to new jersey was to go there…and for indian food.

we left bright and early, 8 am being early. well he picked me up in bloomsburg at 8 and off we went to the wonderful interstates! eric thought it best to not take the interstates all the way to jersey so we took route 32, i do believe, down by the canal in easton for a bit. aren’t those good directions? we saw some fun houses along the way and a few historical things. this was a little rest area/canal history area.

there were locks at this area as well. see?!

and here is one of the fun houses we saw along the way!

about an hour later we stopped at the george washington crossing state park. that was pretty fun. there was a sign that was posted with a picture of a turtle on it that said “see it here. leave it here.” funny. there were also park buildings and things on the new jersey side of the river along with a little spring house AND a place to pee. always a good thing. we walked across a bridge to the pennsylvania side and walked through that park. there were some boats similar to those the mr. washington would have used to cross the river and well as geese. no squirrels were around even though eric said that it looked like a squirrel park. i said…well that’s because they don’t like jersey! his response…we’re in pennsylvania. wooo smartz. i guess i missed something along the way.

here’s the bridge looking from the pa side.

and here are the geeeeese!

after that adventure we were back on the road to asbury park. i think we finally arrived there around 2pm.

here’s the casino and the boardwalk.

i don’t know that much about asbury, but i do know this is the casino. in 2006 we came here and were actually able to climb into a park of the casino which is now demolished. it was fun. we followed some local kids in a hole at the back of the casino and crawled around in rusty pieces of metal, shrubbery, and up rickety steps to the second floor. i took this photo from the second floor.

here are a few more photos from the asbury area.



when we left asbury park, we passed many ritzy houses. they were insane. i do enjoy asbury. the last time we went there i got in the water…just my feet, but i did get in the water. that was not the case this time. nono. it was chilly. this was also just my third time at the beach. i love the shore.

we then got on the garden state parkway and went to iselin for some indian food. the food was ook. just ok. eric got everything he ordered. there might be some sarcasm in that statement. but it was indian food, and that usually makes me happy. i was sick the past few days, like sinus pressure and just not feeling well sick. so the ride home was so so. i wasn’t that entertaining but the company was appreciated. all in all i had a fun day. it was quite a bit of driving and i thank eric for kindly driving!

you can see all of my pictures here! enjoy!

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