the holy fool thanks you.

i was doing some work for my creative writing class today. we had to take an existing poem from one of our books that describes the author’s town and revise it to reflect our town. i started to write about norry, but like two or three things that i wrote about for creative writing, they always end up to be about that night with eric, jeff and dj on the front porch of dwellings. i don’t know if i could pinpoint what about that night that made it particularly memorable for me, but one…it was the company, and two it was the sense of being wanted and needed.

i have plenty of people in my life, but they don’t always make you feel the way you should. friends can tell you they disagree and correct you without it being a battle to see who is right and sadly enough that’s what it is with most of them. i’ve kind of separated myself from that.

i did not, did not, did not, have any worries or other thoughts at that moment in front of dwellings. i don’t think i could come up with another moment that i have felt exactly that calm. i’m secretly on edge now, and i will continue to be that way until the end of the semester. from now until the end of the semester, every week is quite busy and i have other things to worry about besides that. maybe i keep coming back to this because these people mean so much to me and i don’t see them as much as i’d like to. i haven’t seen jeff in 8 months, i see dj possibly once a week and when i do it’s usually a quick passing in osh, and it had been three or four weeks since i had seen eric. not seeing these people reiterates the fact that i do need them in my life.

i’d drop what i was doing now for another humid night on dwelling’s front porch.

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