indian food! train tunnels! and a ghost town! all in one day? goodness!

yesterday was day two of the tour de pa. eric and i ventured to state college for indian food in the morning and then he had roadtrip plans for us for the afternoon. for the record, there were vegetable pakoras at the indian restaurant. oh so good. the best pakoras i’ve had were at the indian restaurant in harrisburg. mmm pakoras. on topic…the items on the agenda fwere to see poe valley state park, poe paddy state park and ingleby. there were two old railroad tunnels in the poe valley and poe paddy area. the mountain roads that we were traveling on were still covered with quite a bit of snow. the yaris trekked ahead and we came to the first tunnel at poe paddy.

this horse greeted us soon after we got out of the car at the poe paddy tunnel.

and this is the tunnel! it was actually quite amusing. not what i was expecting to see.

see! it was carved into a mountain. through a mountain would be correct i suppose.

this was looking out of the tunnel on the end that we entered.

here’s eric at the opposite end of the tunnel. ouuuu creeepy! thanks shutter and low light!

and this would be the opposite end of that tunnel.


we then came back out of the tunnel and walked down to where the train tracks used to be. there was a big patch of moss. i like moss.

it was kind of cold and breezy along the mountain. the proof is in the photo! i bet this area is gorgeous when the trees actually have leaves on them and everything isn’t brown.

this was an old train bridge at the second tunnel.

and this would be the tunnel!


it was too wet in the tunnel to walk through it like we did with the first tunnel, so we went to the opposite end of the tunnel to have a look see.

two other people were trying to make it through the cold wetness the tunnel owned.

these guys were fishing in the creek by the tunnel. i think my camera strap flapped in front of the lens or eric flapped in front of it. *flapflap*

the last stop of the day was at ingleby. what eric tells me, ingleby was an old logging community which is now a ghost town! ouuuu! while there were no ghost sitings, we did see this rock.

it’s quite humorous actually!


and that was ingleby! we headed back to the health food store where my car was parked for the day. i wasn’t that entertaining on the way home due to my sickness. i do not want! today made me happy though! happy fun day. eric gains an accent or just lets loose and lets his real accent out when travelling. he also likes to use some sort of slang while on the road as well. i had three or four different nicknames on this trip as well as hearing and learning about things such as up da crick and laying out a gummie.

today is a trip to asbury park, nj with eric. this trip should be fun. we went to asbury park two years ago and it was rather amusing.

“don’t you think it’s odd to be sitting on a side road in the back of a bus?” no, not really.

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