print-uh-thon, dream and mah kitty!

i survived the print-uh-thon. i did indeed and i was also able to crank out some fun prints. the print-uh-thon was quite productive for me. i will show you photos at the end, but i think i’ll babble for now.

i’ve been having fun dreams again, and smart me didn’t write them down the previous two nights and now i don’t remember what they were. i did have a dream last night that i do remember. i was at this prom sort of thing, and i was dressed up all fancy and things. in the dream i thought the dress looked good, but i can see it now and it wasn’t good. it was white with sequins and orange going down the front. i walked down prom walk alone, even though i was supposed to be there with someone. i’m not sure what happened to him and i don’t know who he was. there was stadium seating around the prom walk. after i finished my walk i went back to my parents to find out they didn’t take pictures of me. they told me to sit down, because they were waiting for someone else to come down the prom walk. no one seemed to care. hmm.

ok time for pictures!


the print shop is so clean and there’s a blow up turtle under the table.

i made it on the bad cleaner list twice. once as sarah, and once at the dirrrty vegan. too bad i’m not a bad cleaner!
bad cleaner.

and here’s one print i made. it’s an edition of 10. the first photo is the print on a table and the second photo is the print with the lightbox behind it.


i went home yesterday to pick up pudder and to see family. here’s mah lolcat.

i haz no legs!


she’s not supposed to be on the table. but when i’m home, those rules are ignored. she likes my backpack.

so cute!

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