loan dream?

i had this dream last night. it took place in a house that was near the library on bloom’s campus. it was night and i was in bed trying to sleep. my parents were in the room across the hall for me. i heard them saying really rude things about me, but the only thing i remember was something like, i can’t believe how ungrateful she is. we take her loan payments to the bank for her and she’s so ungrateful. now, sometimes my mom does take my loan payments with her to the bank, but i give her a check for my loan, so it’s not like she’s paying it. she’ll do this if i’m not able to come home around the time my next payment is due. anyway…i got out of bed and went across the hall to confront them. they said that they were saying those things and they were just rude to me. it didn’t make sense. so i left the room and started moving closets down the stairs with someone.

and again. that is all.

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