three guys and a girl.

this story is one of my favorite memories. ever. this is going to be a bit detailed. ok?

this happened in july of 2007. during this afternoon i had chinese at peking gar with jeff, eric, and jeff’s friend who came to visit so they could ninja dance and sword fight in the park. we had a vegetarian afternoon which was nice because i don’t get that too often. after food it was time to compile stacks of paper in page after page that were to become 108 poetry books of eric’s. passage. dj strolled in to help with assembly and ate nuts. that’s what she said. after that jeff’s ninja dancing friend left for his home. those who remained, dj, eric, jeff and i sat on the curb outside of dwellings. i think it was humid that night and the fro was in full effect. while we sat there steve lambert, lewisburg musician, jostled down the street with his wife and talked to eric and us i suppose. eric and jeff were then standing and i was still sitting by dj in front of dwellings on market street. dj wanted a hug and i declined. i didn’t believe he really wanted one. but then he insisted on one again. i again declined. jeff moped about with the want for vegan cookies and chocolate soy milk. he came to the realization that the health food store was closed, because i think it was a sunday evening, and that decent cookies could not be bought at weis. dj was swayed into a trip to the grocery store so chocolate soy milk could be bought and eric and i went back to his apartment.

i love that memory and think of it often. those guys are sincere. i hope for that again.

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4 thoughts on “three guys and a girl.

  1. brugg

    i was hoping for a little more detail after telling me that it was going to be detailed, but thanks for the effort. perhaps you can do better next time. sincerely, brugg.

  2. It’s weird how some seemingly insignificant things can pretty much mean the world to you (not *you* specifically).

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