update on that dream. and more writing.

after i posted the last dream i had i remembered a little more about it.  at one point in the dream i realized that i couldn’t see out of my glasses.  i took them off and cleaned them.  then cleaned and cleaned some more.  they didn’t seem to get clean, but then that part of the dream just stopped.

i have to write a poem the other day for my creative writing class.  it might be lame. but i might post that later.  i had to write another poem this week as well.  i’m not done with it since it’s due monday night.  i didn’t *have* to write a poem, i could’ve used another form of writing, but i chose the poem format.  i think some of the writing in my prints can be poetic.  i guess that’s opinion based though.

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2 thoughts on “update on that dream. and more writing.

  1. what about the best part of your dream where we were knife-fighting?!

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