cross-stitching and cakes.

i had an intense dream last night. it seemed intense at the time and super long. here is goes.

most of this is probably out of order as to what happened first, but i remember at one point there was a horse in the belly of ship. the ship was filled with water but i don’t think the horse was drowning. it was swimming and kicking the sides of the ship. i saw nicki p in an office after that. we talked for maybe 1o seconds and then just kept walking past each other.  i stopped in the office to look at necklaces she left on the desk.  i remember seeing eric doing something at some point. then i was walking down a hallway to get to a party. i saw someone standing on a bench and realized it was tanya. she said she was substituting for the priest in sunbury. ok. that didn’t seem strange in the dream. then i was walking beside dj to get to the party. at the party, which turned out to be an anniversary/graduation party…sounds familiar, people were there with things they cross-stitched and there were cakes. i had to pee so off to the bathroom i went. i ended up talking to twins who were maybe 2 feet high. next thing i know i ‘m in a costume at the cw rice field in norry where we used to have band practice. i think i saw people there but i do not remember.

el fin.

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2 thoughts on “cross-stitching and cakes.

  1. whoa.
    i’ll have whatever you had. that’s insane. i wish i had messed up dreams like that.

    what was i doing?

    • it was a fun dream! wacky though.

      something in me thinks that in the dream we were looking at each other and walking around in a circle. you know…like an old west style showdown. i think. would that make sense?, since the rest of the dream did.

      you should have dreams. NOW. do it.

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