boredom with dylan vitone.

i’m working in the gallery right now, and i’m bored bored bored.  what’s my job in the gallery you ask?  oh i just sit here and babysit the art.  today i saw two people in the here.  and usually i see less than that, so it was a big day for me!  but now i’m bored.  let me tell you about the work that is on display now!  there are 20 or so photos by a man named dylan vitone here.  his show is called “pittsburgh project.”  his phots are about five feet long and are basically 360 degree views.  i think that’s what they are.  but he takes many many pictures then manipulates them together so the image looks flawless (i found a few flaws in his meshing the photos together today though).  the photos are fun because there’s so much happening in them.  these are in black and white by the way.

i just found his site.  click here to see his work! 

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One thought on “boredom with dylan vitone.

  1. Sex Jokes

    JUST checked him out! AMAZING!

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