i dream.

i’ve been having quiet a few fun dreams the past few days. i don’t really remember what days i had these dreams or in which order they occurred but here it goes.

i had a dream that i was in the pasture where my horse is. i walking beside her and and eric was there, but he was riding gypsy. gypsy happens to be my sister’s horse, but he also has been dead over a year. in the dream i didn’t even think or remember that he was dead, but he really is.

next, i had a dream that i was doing a source book for professor grimsley. source books are when you write down artist research, sketches, and answer questions given by her about our work in our sketch books. i don’t have her this semester though. soo i wouldn’t have to do a source book, but i was in a panic in the dream. i HAD to get my source book done. i was frantic. but during this dream i kept waking up and then falling back into that dream. when i finally woke up that morning i thought that i really had to go finish my source book. nonono.

i had two dreams this past week that i was riding a scooter. i don’t think i was going anywhere in particular. and i can’t even remember if i was actually moving.

something tells me that i had more dreams, but like usual i can’t remember what they were.

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3 thoughts on “i dream.

  1. flogging a dead horse!!

  2. Sex Jokes


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